Client Services

Management Search – How it works

If we had a stack of resumes on our desk of good chief engineers, plant managers and GMs, our job would be easy. But we don’t and therefore, it is not easy.

Our established network containing thousands of personal email addresses, home and cell phone numbers gives us a great starting point.  As we quietly get the word out, our research team proactively obtains home or cell phone numbers on potential candidates within a six hour radius of the position.  Next, Craig follows up in the evening and on the weekend to introduce to prospects  while determining their degree of interest regarding a career move.  The process makes for a long day. Craig will not call someone at their place of work to discuss career opportunities.

Identifying and qualifying management candidates takes time, which is why clients must let us know ASAP if their recruitment needs change.  Unreturned phone calls from clients or not responding to the referrals of recruited candidates often means we put on the brakes.

We can orchestrate as much of the interview process as the client needs, including travel arrangements and references.   Advice is available on critical topics of restrictive covenants, compensation, benefits and relocation assistance.

Our management search services are billed on a contingency basis, therefore your company is invoiced only when the search is completed and your selected candidate has begun employment.   We offer the most reasonable rates and the longest guarantee in our industry.

Benefits and Commitments to the Client

  • We are accessible seven days a week, from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. (EST.)
  • We do not share career opportunities with prospective candidates during the day while they are at work, only after work hours.
  • We know how to find unbiased confidential references, as well as “off the record” insights.  A database of 13,000 laundry industry professionals is very valuable.
  • We typically have known the candidates and / or their former supervisors, peers or subordinates for many years.
  • We adhere to the ethical standards of the National Association of Personnel Services.
  • We provide to all clients at no charge advice regarding Compensation, Organization Development and Relocation Assistance
  • We provide candidate referrals for non-exempt and supervisor positions at no charge to management search clients